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Stop Embarrassing Yourself By Saying “ I Saw Your Missed Call ” This Is The Correct Word To Say

English is the second language spoken by Nigerians. It is their lingua franca because it was adopted from a foreign country , Britain, being their colonial masters.

Most of the primary, secondary and tertiary institutions of learning use English language to teach and communicate because of the different languages that exist in Nigeria. Most people in a bid to speak English, result to abusing it.

Some people have the problem of speaking English well without been able to write it while others write without been able to speak well.

One of the popularly used phrase by Nigerian is “ I saw your missed call ”. The word summarily refers to  not been around when someone called you or not aware of when your phone rang . It is actually a phrase having a right meaning but presented wrongly by Nigerians.The correct word to use is “ I missed your call ” and instead of saying “ didn’t you see my missed call “ you can say “ you missed my call earlier “

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