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Private teachers planning to protest in abuja

There is no doubt that the corona virus has caused more harm than good globally especially in african countries. Since the break out of the pandemic and its spread to other part of the world many countries have not been able to generate revenue leading to many government agencies and ministries to reduce their budget for the year, as well as councilation of many activities globally.

Most of the developed countries across the globe gave relief funds to their citizens unfortunately nigeria were among the few countries who could not give relief fund to its citizens leading to hardship in the country especially those working in private sectors as well as job loss.

Nigerian private school teachers in abuja have planned to protest over their poor welfare which was caused due to lockdown and inability of schools to resume. This was decided and agreed on in a meeting held on tuesday 14 july after it was noted by the minister of education that schools may not resume anytime soon. A source close to the association disclose this information.

One mrs Aisha who was presume to be the secretary of the association lament the inability of many of the teachers to feed their families stating that hunger will kill them even if the virus did not. Many were of the opinion that federal government should give them relief funds if schools won't resume anytime some. However the date and where the protest will take place is yet to be known.

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