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Issues and identity syndrome

A lot has been said about. The nature of campus cluts, and particularly their terror syndrome. Some people, mostly fresh students on campuses have found it very difficulty to identify what they are, who the members are, and how they could be identified in order to avoid being trapped in their web or unconsciously and innocently fall victim of their ever-enlarging traps strategically located on campuses, whatever be the case may be, some of the common identification symbols most students easily associate with cults in Nigerian higher institutions, and which, at times, are conspicuously displayed on pages of their release, threat letters and even on boards are: human skulls on two crossed bones, black beret with some scaring inscriptions , black ribbon on beret, axe on human skulls, black dress, yellow sucks, yellow handkerchief, yellow shirt, green ribbon on beret, white shirts on black trousers, black bow ties, and several fetish symbols that immediately portend danger and wickedness.

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