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Reason Why Crying May Solve Your Problem

Crying to God in prayer, can solve a lot of problems, cry for a better reason.

Crying can be helpful. Crying will not change the world but when we are emotionally blocked for one reason or the other; crying may be the one thing to unblock us so that we can move on with our lives.

People say that crying will not resolve any situation or problem because they look at crying as meaningless but to say the truth, it is everything but meaningless.

Some students after sent them out of school over school fees will be crying all the way home, and immediately their parents see them crying; they will ask them what the problem is, and it will be resolved.

When a baby started to the cry, the baby is cared for. The mother of the baby will attend to the baby to know what the problem is, and once she knows the problems; she will solve it immediately to make sure the baby stop crying.

When a small boy cry when he hurt his knee, he is showing an expression of pain and he get a hug and a kiss to make him feel better.

When an adult person cry, we see it differently. It perceived as sad and pathetic because we may think, what good will it do? But is not so, for example when I found someone crying I give home a hug, and I will tell him that everything will be alright. In many problems, I help him find a split on to his problem. So crying lead to solution.

Another example; when I was told that I am going to loss my job, I cried like a baby for days. Afterward, I felt clear head. I got up, got an ice cream, after consuming it. I hand over the issue to God by praying and crying, and I found a solution.

They is a saying: in my darkest days sometimes all we need is a good cry to clear our heads.

Remember: even if crying over situation only resolves an emotional issue it is still a problem solve.

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