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School Should Be Canceled This Year(Opinion).

The federal government of Nigeria recently announced that it has agreed to the postponement of WAEC to the 5th of September after coming to terms with WAEC. It also gave schools an ultimatum of 29th july to meet all guidelines put in place for re-opening, but will these be enough to get schools reopened again?

We have seen in other part of the world like the United States what re-opening too quickly can cause. Trump has been an advocate in the reopening of schools in America but health officials and school teachers in the country have kicked back against it

In Nigeria, the reverse is the case, as teachers and other officials are calling for the re-opening of schools but the government is here not willing to adhere.

People have been complaining on how markets and polling units are open but schools are not. But we need to learn from more developed countries like the United States and it's counterparts, the US have their markets open and the president even organized a rally for his forth coming election but yet, schools are still closed in the U.S. You can see how the elderly people in Nigeria who are old enough to listen to instructions cannot adhere to the simple social distance and mask covering rules, how much the little kids in school? 

We need to see and understand the increase in cases in the United States where 67,000 new cases where recorded in 24hours, and I know some people think that this is an impossible number to have in Nigeria, but you should also note that the United states have tested more than 40 million people and Nigeria have barely crossed the 100,000 test mark yet we have more than 30,000 cases. 

So in my humble opinion, I think school should be canceled this year, maybe a date should be fixed to allow WAEC students write their exams as it is a West African exam and cannot just be decided by the Nigerian government. Nonetheless, Nigeria is not ready for complete re-opening yet. You may think the numbers are in our favor, but I still think the reason for the low numbers is how slow we are testing. 

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