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Best ways to prepare for government jobs

That depends on what kinda jobs you are aspiring for. Every exam has a unique style of preparation.

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Ways to prepare for government jobs

•During preparation Don’t target any particular exam, cover the all subjects and level of questions for 3–4 government exam. If you stick to particular exam and read the stuff related to only 1 exam and suppose you missed that then you will loose others as well.

•Apart from that try to practice more and more test series in home as well with 2Hrs. time as happen in exam hall. And test your answer like how many questions you are able to cover in 2Hr. Or 3Hr. exam. Accordingly to improve yourself.

•If you have remember something like Vocabulary and formula then write down those in separate sheet and read it first in morning.

•Set your target/goal and paste it on wall so you will be self motivated to complete all thing on time before exam dates

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