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Dear Aspirants, Here Are 5 Things You Should Know Before Attempting Post UTME Exam.

There's a lot most aspirants don't know about writing the Post UTME exam especially to all these big universities. To start with, most of these universities have something they call "quota"; quota means the number of students they will admit yearly. Most of these schools don't go beyond their quota. A school like the prestigious University of Ibadan admits just 3500 students yearly, yet hundreds of thousands will choose the school. This is why getting admitted to such school is very difficult.

1. The first thing I will want every Post UTME aspirants to know is that Post UTME is a very hard examination! So be prepared. Some of you think it's like JAMB. Most schools make their Post UTME questions hard because they want you to prove to them that you are worthy of being their student. This is why you should be more than prepared.

2. Learn to manage your fear and anxiety before taking the exam. Let me tell you this, it's normal to be scared especially if it's your first time but don't be too scared. I have seen people shiver inside the examination hall. Their legs keep moving, this can make you lose focus.

3. Post UTME questions are sometimes simple but tricky. Especially when you are taking aptitude, the questions seem hard but you only need to focus and use your brain. Skip questions you don't know so as to save time.

4. Another thing you should know is that Post UTME exam is not like JAMB where you are given two hours. The longest most universities can give is an hour and I am telling you this from experience, that one hour will be like thirty minutes. OAU gives their aspirants one hour and it is still insufficient for many people.

I wish you the best in your coming exams. If you have taken your Post UTME exam already and your results is nothing to write about, Never give up!

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