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8 Reasons Why Your Child Should Not Go To School

8 Reasons Why Your Child Should Not Go To School.

Do you have a trouble child, a child who just doesn't fit in, or a child that simply doesn't excel in the classroom? Below are eight reasons why your kid shouldn't go to school.

In response to this concept, adults usually say, "I went to school, and I turned out just fine." This may be true, but your child is not you.

Here is the 8 reasons why your child should not go to school:

8.) Obesity

Studies have shown that if your closest friends are overweight, you will be overweight. Pack the students together, feed them all the same highly processed food for breakfast and lunch, and they will inevitably grow wider. One in three children are tipping the scales, and no one at school is teaching them any differently. If your child is lucky, they might get 20 minutes of recess a day and P.E. once a week.

Bad eating habits are one important reason kids should stay out of school.

7.) Street Drugs

Right now your child knows that if they want to find an illegal drug, they simply have to contact the right person. This is something that all students (and even teachers) are aware of, and the basic laws of supply and demand ensure that drugs on campus aren't going away anytime soon.

As much as we might want to say, "That doesn't happen at my kid's school!" The fact is: it does.

6.) Prescription Drugs

Any young kid who doesn't fit the mold is usually referred to a counselor. That counselor then refers the student to a doctor, where the student is often prescribed some pretty heavy-duty, mind-altering drugs. You would be surprised how many students are on some form of behavioral medication. Bogus diagnoses get slapped on kids who don't conform, and teachers don't intervene because subdued children make their job easier.

5.) Socialization

The first question from everyone's lips when a parent says they homeschool their kids is, "How are they socialized?" Most think kids who do not attend school are bound to be abnormal, socially awkward individuals who are unable to work with other people.

The question is, though, have those people ever thought of the socialization that is offered at school? Schools provide the same type of socialization prisons provide. Students are taught to walk through desolate hallways, to sit quietly for long periods of time, to listen to authority figures, and to be like everyone else. To be fair, there is socialization at school, but do you really want your child to be socialized in that way?

4.) State- and Federally-Mandated Objectives

There are not enough days in a school year to incorporate all the objectives set forth by the various governmental agencies.

To try to keep up with impossible deadlines, teachers shove information down students' throats without worrying about whether or not they are actually retaining any of the information. What's worse, the subjects are usually far from relevant. Does a fifth grader really need to know what a dangling participle is?

Another fantastic example is third graders being required to know Roman numerals. Unless time machines are going to hit the market in the near future, what are these kids supposed to do with that information? We are all good at certain subjects, yet we require schoo lchildren to be great at all of them. This is completely out of whack with the skills people actually need in their day-to-day lives.

3.) Artificial Environment

Where else are human beings grouped together like they are in school, where their entire day is controlled by an authority figure who dictates what they are allowed to do and when they are allowed to do it?

The only place that comes to mind is prison.

2.) Testing

Students are no longer learning subject matter, they are learning how to eliminate choice B and D on a Scantron. That way, they have a 50/50 shot at getting the right answer.

Teachers call it "good test taking skills," and could care less whether the student is actually retaining the material.

1.) Learning

I shouldn't make such a blanket statement, but I will anyway: true learning has gone by the wayside. The typical cycle is cram, memorize, regurgitate, and forget. Students have material splattered at them at such an incredible pace that they have no choice but to memorize the material, then make space for more. They've been conditioned to perform when needed at the expense of having a true understanding of what they are learning at school.

We are shortchanging students on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. Is it any wonder that our students are so unprepared when they graduate?


Demand better and take your kid(s) out of school to make a point. Most, but not all, teachers work very hard, but one drawback is that many have never been out of the school system. These teachers started school as kindergarteners, went to junior high, high school, college, and at age 22 stepped right back into the school system as a teacher. It is all they know.

The world around us has progressed, but the school system operates in the same manner it did in 1952. How many companies operate on the same platform as they did half a century ago, and are still around?

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