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How to know your child is bored at school and solutions parents take note

Why do kids get bored in school? If students sit too long or teacher talk too much the attention span wanders. When students mind drift, boredom is usually close behind. Parents can help academic performance by fostering a good, working relationship with your child's teacher, stay in touch with what I going on at school.

If he/she isn't able to verbalize what's wrong, ask his or her teacher. Once you find the real problem, talk to his or her teacher (school counselor) especially if the issue is bullying, about solution.A bit of extra attention from his or her teacher,perhaps coming in early to read and talk with him or her can work wonders ..

Your child says he or her is bored at school . the word bored means different things to different kids at difficult times, some children says they are bored because they need direction from their parents "kassow notes" and sometimes it's childs way of telling parents "I want you to pay attention to me ".

Your child doesn't pay attention in class. When materials seems too easy, children can have hard time paying attention.

Your child is always complaining about the teacher .schedule a time to talk with the teacher. It's best to do this in person if possible. let the teacher calmly know what your child has told you, and give the teacher chance to respond. Be careful to present what your child told you without being accusatory.

Your child refuses to go to school .school refusal is usually very challenging but there are some practical things you can do at home to encourage your child to go to school show your child that you understand. Use clear calm statement to let your child know that you expect him or her to go to school.

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