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If You Are Above 25 Years And Still In School, Kindly Do These Things Before You Clock 30 Years

We all know the situation of Nigeria's education system. Things are not going smoothly due to the long-term strike, Lockdown, and other anomalies. So many students have been old in the school except for people who gained admission at the age of 16.

But if you gained admission at the age of 20 and above, I am very sure that you can't graduate at age of 25 even with four-year courses. So if you have passed the age of 25, please do the following things before you clock the age of 30 to help your career.

1. If you wish to find a scholarship after your undergraduate study, kindly obtain your international passport now and start to look for a scholarship. You can apply before you graduate once you are in the 300 level and above. You can just use your departmental transcript. So that you will have gained one admission before you clock the age of 30. What is common is that you might not get a master's scholarship again once you are 30 years and above. Also, a Ph.D. scholarship is difficult to get once you are 35 years and above. So please do the needful. If you have any questions, kindly drop them in the comments section I'm ready to answer your questions appropriately.

2. If you are the type of person who only wishes to work in a great company, all you have to do is to find something to do with your age. I don't want to say it with all my mouth. But sometimes the age you have supplied for your SSCE may be the barrier. So you have to think deeply. But to the best of my knowledge, if you wish to work in Nigeria, many companies are ready to take you irrespective of your age, all you need is to have something to offer them. Yet I know that many companies won't listen to what you have to offer them. Age limit is their priority.

3. Also, do all your best with all you have to make a good grade. Graduating with a third class or Pass may cause a lot of havoc. But if you have a good grade, it is the first thing they will check when you apply for a job or a scholarship. I wish you the best.

Kindly add your opinions too if you have anything that you think a student can do before clocking the age of 30.

Please share with people to benefit from this, drop your questions if you have any.

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