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See what final year students are saying concerning losing an academic year

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Final year students in Nigeria who where about to write there final examination before the pandemic struck are pleading with the Federal government no to make lose an academic year and reopen schools.

They have been an ongoing debate on whether or not schools should reopen and final students should continue with there exams. But the Federal government have decided that schools will remain close so as to limit the spread of the virus and final year students who where suppose to seat for there last examinations have been expressing the dissatisfaction toward this development.

See some of the reactions below.

Lucky Jack

It's a shame that elections and religious activities have resumed but institutions for building the foundation for normal development is still barred from resuming activities. We beg the Federal government not to make us lose a while academic year.

Al' ameen

Three months ago, I was preparing for my final papers and now I have stayed at home since that day without doing anything. I just want to graduate.

Akinsolare John Oluwatobi

God will not shame us, we are pleading with the Federal government to help us. I say No to loose of an academic year!!! I say YES to safe reopening of schools!!!

Mayne Julee

Inter state travels has resumed yet students can't travel back to school to write there examination. Yes, we may be 10% of the population but we're 100% of the future. It's now or never. ALUTA CONTINUES.

Kabira Labaran Ubale

Everything keeps going, why not schools? Please reopen schools for us students so as to enable us write exams. We don't want to lose an academic year.

If you ask for my opinion I think students should try an understand with the government on this issue. Is better to lose an academic year than to lose your life to this virus.

See photos below to see what other person's are saying.

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