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Comics About Boarding School Life, Students Can Relate To

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Let me see the last to come out

See running skills

The Wicked Seniors are waiting

See Struggle

When you serve a living God

When you think you can fight for your crush

See Fresh Boy

Wicked friend

Has your friend done you strong thing

Jokes about Secondary school

1.In every class they must be that student that will scam class small remain he can scam his life away

2.There is nothing worse than maths class after sitting there for 2 hours you will not remember anything

3.Maths Teacher :Do you Understand

Student:No sir I don't understand

Teacher don't worry the question will not come during Examination day

Examination day

question 1 compulsory for all students

4.there is always one fresh boy that has everything but sense am I talking

5.After receiving your provision after a long time one wicked senior calls you and seize everything

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