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Check out some questions from the N-Power Test

N-Power is a common programme that is bent on alleviating poverty and unemployment in the Nigerian society. It is still in session as I write this article.

Have you done all that is needed for you to take the said test? What is required had already been highlighted in my previous article. I outlined the steps that need to be taken in order to get in the test environment. Now, this article is centred on some questions asked during the test.

The questions do not come from one field or subject; they come from all and sundry fields that you mightn’t even expect. If you are good at Mathematics and not English, then prepare to be disappointed because you may meet with some English questions, vice versa. Ensure you read wide. Questions may erupt from Civic Education too. I must say that that was one of my best subjects back at High School. I loved it as a best subject, but I still had other safe subjects, which are Mathematics, Physics and English Language.

Good luck with the questions as you try to answer some of them. And do not forget that you will also be timed at twenty minutes for a total of twenty questions. I wish you all the best

Thank You!

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