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As A Nigerian, This Is The Best Gift You Can Give Your Children

It is not easy to get but, it is the best gift you can give your children. To be honest, God didn't create everything or everyone equally, in every way, one must have something more than the others but the only thing that you need, even if you have the world is contentment, if you have this you will be okay with anything to have in this life.

Being a Nigerian is not easy, let's stop being disguising, between each other, we Know it is not easy because, as a Nigerian, it was everyday we face different types of trauma. Starting from the one we prepared for and also, the ones we don't prepare for, trauma must come everyday for every Nigerians.

This was the same country our parents suffer hard to succeed in it, it is not easy to be honest, if you think an lying, just walk up to a successful man and ask him about his past, I believe he will also has alot to say. Lack of free education, bad electricity, bad road, bad and economy and the Lord, bad government. This are the things every Nigerians are suffering from, either you are rich or poor, you must pass through one out of this as a Nigerian.

To Make your unborn children happy, it is a best advice that you should struggle hard to get them dual citizenship, yes dual citizenship. Dual citizenship give your children the opportunity to be a citizens of two different countries, as we all know, there is no hope in Nigeria and the best thing is to start preparing the journey to another country to find a better life. As for me, this is just an advise, and I believe you understand what am saying.

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