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Why you have not received any e-mail from N-Power

The Bukhari government seems to have made many new promises to the Nigerians.

We all know about the federal government's plan to seize the power of the youth.

The N-power program officially began on June 26, 2020, when the portal opened at 11:45 a.m. to receive applications from skilled and willing Nigerians between the ages of 18-35 from different N countries. wants to be identified. energy programs.

 Since the start of the online application / recruitment process, there have been no problems without complaining about the dark nature of the website, the BVN operation and, most importantly, the fact that they have not received any applications from applicants. .

For those who can register between the first two days of portal registration, you will see that you have received an email asking you to create your account on the platform immediately and confirm your account after submission. desire. , you have received another post by sending your correct request.

However, we did not receive any letters for some of those who registered recently, and 5 (5) weeks have passed since the start of the application process. But why? Some may be surprised. My request was successful, they asked again?

What did N-Power say about power email?

The N-power program said those who don't receive emails setting up their accounts aren't bothered to wait, but continue with the application. They said they would not receive emails to send them successfully, so applicants would not have to worry as long as they successfully completed the application process. In addition, it was noted that e-mails will be sent to applicants after registration, six weeks from the start of the application process, and the first candidates must prepare them at the next stage of the application process.

So go well to prepare for the next stage.

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