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Breaking: Citizenship & Immigration Canada announce new visa measures to help international students

The global pandemic has slowed visa processing and imposed travel restrictions on those who have visas. International students, have been one of the greatest casualties of this.

Canada, in 2019, played host to more than 650,000 international students, Nigerian student taking 8th on the log. More than 58,000 former international student have become permanent residents.

On Tuesday July 14th, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) - formerly known as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced that international students who have been caught in the web of the slow visa processing would not be shut out of their desires to study in canada.

Aspiring International student have been worried about their visa processing at various application centers around the world and how they would be denied the opportunity to study in canada.

The IRCC states that international student can now relax knowing that -

1) Those who had submitted a complete application online will now get faster processing time as concessions will be given to their processing

2) After approval of visas, they can commence their study online in their respective countries but be assured that they will complete at least 50% of their study in Canada. The time spent outside Canada will also be counted as part of the total required time spent inside the country as it will count for their eligibility for a post-graduation work permit.

3) The visa approvals will now be made in two stages, eligibility and approval. This means those who have been offered admission and have proof of funding to satisfy their study requirements will be considered “eligible”.

Those who have met all requirements which include submitting all relevant documents as- biometrics, an immigration medical exam and a police certificate.will be considered admissible.

The key all aspiring international Nigerian student should note here is

(1)Your fulfilling of all eligibility and admissibility requirement for the visa process, and

(2)Time of application submission.

They should make sure they do due process in their documentation and turn in their application at least two-months before their intended course start off date, and should try to do so online to ensure they benefit from the new concessions.

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