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Moment Two University Students Were Caught In a Video Fighting Each Other

A video was shared on an Instagram page @olofofonaija. This was a very sad scene to watch as the older man kept on beating the younger one. It was indicated on the page that it was because of a slippers. This has gotten a lot of comments from Instagram users. The university name was also mentioned in the caption as Babcock. The video Aly generated mixed Reactions as some people felt he shouldn't have disobeyed his senior while other felt the older man should be expelled.

Most time this type of situation do happen in most boarding schools as seniors are given full authorities to dicipline other junior students. It's unfortunate this kind of behavior is been displayed in universities.

Below are comments made about the video posted on the page. Why are you splaping his Like he is your younger brother. He should be expelled. This is so sad to watch.

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Aly Babcock


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