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Side Hustles Suitable For University Students.

Some of you might have come across a particular stage in university life where you got so broke to the extent you see N500 as a jackpot winning.

Well, things are about to change as I'll be dropping some lists of side hustles you all can do to slap brokenness hard in the face.

1. Blogging.

Blogging is one of the easiest means to make money online, all you need is a good laptop or better still a good browsing phone. In this you can earn some money for your text books, provisions and other essential needs.

2. Delivering sachet water on demand.

This might sound weird, but this is a better means to make good cash, all you have to do is to start with a bag or two and sell to your fellow hostel mates, then gradually develop into delivering bags of sachet water to traders.

3. Selling male T- shirts or female wears.

For those male who would wanna start a business in school can dive into selling and delivering male T-shirts, also applicable to the female counterpart.

4. Graphic Designing.

Graphic Designing is for those with creative minds. You should have good laptop to make things better and easier for you. You can use an android phone, no problem, as long as you can create attractive graphics that is worth selling.

5. Printing.

Printing is one of the best side hustle, because it is stress free. All you need to do is to get a printer, Inks and papers. With these, alot of students around you will patronize you been that they can't walk distances to cyber cafes.

6. Leather Crafting.

Leather Crafting is also a good entrepreneur business and side hustle for university students. With this, you can make leather wallets, Shoes, sandals, little bags, and other things your creative mind can create. You can sell and deliver this to interested buyers.

7. Selling books and pens.

Books and pens are the most used materials in school, so all you got to do is to buy a dozen of each leaves, depending on your finance, then you can sell them.

8. Making and selling of wigs.

Making and selling of wigs is another major hustle that brings good money. All you need is to learn how to make wigs, using your creative mind, then you can sell them to your course mate or hostel mates depending on how Interactive you are.

9. Baking little chop-chop for sell.

If you know, or have an idea about baking, then you can turn your ideas into reality that will fetch you good money. Baking small chop-chop like, chin-chin, peanuts, buns, puff-puff, diet (pancake), doughnuts Etc. And sell them can bring you reasonable money.

10. Knitting and bead-making.

This side hustle is also a good entrepreneur business in the university. With this you can make attractive collections of styled bead and knitted things your creative mind can create. You can sell and deliver it to interested buyers, which can fetch you reasonable money.

11. Barbing.

This is for the male counterpart who will want to dive into school business. Having this skill in the university can fetch you good money, all you need to do is get a clipper and some other barbing materials and you're good to go. Your skills will lead the way.

Also, female hairstyling is a hit business in university too.

12. Laundry Business.

This particular job might sound funny to some folks but, looking at the money side of it, Is a hit! Some of your friends, course mates or hostel mates sometimes feel lazy to wash their clothes, mostly the slay king and queen nations. So getting their laundry done for them will be for a fee, And they will surely pay. So this business can bring a good amount of money to your table.

13. Doing assignments for people.

I've experienced this situation coming from mostly the rich folks, or the Slay king and queen nations. This hustles can bring a good amount of money.

Is it illegal? No, it's not by law. But some universities considers it as cheating and plagiarism.

This is the end of this particular episode, stay tuned for the next episode.

Nigeria is not by forming slay king and slay queen ohh.

Bend down and hustle. University life is a jungle.

Remember this, hustle in a legit way, so that When you've made it, and ever you look back at what you did, you'll smile with great satisfaction.

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Thank you and remain blessed.

Content created and supplied by: Gerald_Divincia (via Opera News )


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