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Trendy Bags for College Guys

Do you need a stylish bag that can make you stand out from your classmates? You are in the right place. Colleges may be all about study but it doesn't mean you shouldn't be stylish. A bag is an important item you need in your school materials and one way to make a statement as a student. 

Such a bag should be both functional and eye-catching, and it shouldn't cost so much. If you need some trendy bags to make you proud among your friends, check this article as we highlight some of the trendy bags you need this season.


Every college guy needs a crossbody bag they can pick when they are in a rush or need maximum freedom before they settle in their classes. Your crossbody should be large enough to contain your phone, keys, atm card, sunglasses, a couple of notebooks, and a bottle of water. This bag is also appropriate for birthday parties and school events.


A backpack is very important for every college student, especially if you own a laptop. For guys, it provides enough space for college books, laptops, gamepads for after-school relaxation at a friend's place, and so on. When choosing your backpack, ensure it balances your shoulders and waist to place weight on only a part of the body.

Formal tote bags

You might not need this until you are close to graduation. But then, many students work while studying. You should choose a neutral color that can go with any outfit.

Fanny pack

Fanny packs create a perfect and discreet hole for your most essential items. Plus, it doesn't look like it can carry many items, but it does. It is especially a good container for college boys due to its comfort, portability, and affordability. Besides, it also makes you a less target for theft and pickpockets.

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