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Every Aspiring NYSC Candidates Should Note This

First and foremost, for the knowledge of many individuals that were born in late 80s till now, the National Youth Service Scheme was established in the year 1973 after the unfortunate Nigerian civil war.

The war brought about many deaths,sorrows and all manners of unimaginable incidents.

In order to properly integrate the Nigerian diverse tribes and ethnic groups for better understanding of the culture and values which may prevent another war outbreak, the idea of the NYSC was birthed and nurtured over the years till now.

To this end, it is mandatory that every Nigerian graduate must be exposed to the ideals and values of the NYSC before they are officially allow to use their certificate to work or enjoy government largess.

However, there had been cases of many graduates that committed suicides for not being eligible to partake in the scheme due to one error or the other.

Equally, many students lost the hope of forging ahead there educational pursuits just because of carry overs in their courses of study.The list is endless

Meanwhile,for all categories of aspiring graduates or NYSC scheme who are facing difficulties in forging ahead with their dreams due to one set back or the other, do not lose hope.

There is a trending case of one Ramsey that undergone full four year mass communication course in Abia State University but was told during his final year clearance that his admission was fake.

Ramsey in this narration had paid for his studies, passed through various challenges but received the shock of his life when he had been expecting to be called up for his national service.

Moreover ,Ramsey didn't allow his temporary set back resign him to fate. He quietly wrote his UTME examinations again and started another four year degree again.With perseverance, diligence, determination, he completed his course and came to of his class.

fortunately, Ramsey was able to partake in his NYSC eventually.What are lessons to be learnt?

1) Never lose focus and hope in life

2) Uphold the tenets of your dreams no matter the negativity

3) Never think it is over when the opportunity is still at your finger tips

4) The fact that your mates are ahead of you in life does not mean that you can not over take them

5) Let God always be in your blue prints in life

In conclusion, always remember that you have a purpose in life and that the progress of your nation is tied to your decision in life.Someone who commits suicide is very selfish, unwise and callous.Be guided.

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