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The Minister Of State For Education Releases New Guidelines For School Reopening

Schools have remained shut for about four months now due to the pandemic that has posed a threat to the economy and everything else. However, there has been speculations to about when schools will finally open for students to return back to class but no real date has been given yet as government are trying their possible best to put measures in place for a safe reopening and for the safety of every child when schools finally open.

Speaking on channels television yesterday the minister revealed that the ministry has released new guidelines for reopening of schools and can be accessed on the ministry of education's website. But I will save you the stress of doing that as I will be listing the guidelines below.

Here are the new guidelines released for a safe reopening of schools.

1. Adoption of health and safety protocols to lower risk of infection in the school.

2. Training of teachers on the dangers and prevention of the virus.

3. Adequacy of doors and windows to ensure good ventilation.

4. Availability and adequacy of recommend infared thermometers for temperature checks at the gate upon entry.

5. All disposable face masks are disposed properly according to NCDC guidelines.

6. Classrooms, staff rooms,offices and entire premises appropriately disinfected as recommended.

7. Availability of soaps and disinfectants to support wash requirements. i.e (gate, outside classrooms and toilets)

8. Adoption of health and safety protocols to lower risk of infection in the school.

9. Availability of school clinic and other designated space for isolating sick learner's, teachers, administrators and other education personel.

10. Adequate school funding for critical health and safety materials.

11. Availability and adequacy of hand washing facilities at strategic points.

The question here is will schools be able to provide all these requirements,and how long will that take?

Feel free to drop your comments and follow me up for more posts on school resumption. Thank you

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