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Why you study for long hours but only able to assimilate little as a student 2.

...Continued from previous post on why you may study for really long hours and gain very little.

2.Overestimating how much work you can do in little time:

Having too little time to study is as counterproductive as having too much time.

When you give yourself too little time to study, your attention will be divided. You will be worried more about finishing what you're studying than understanding and retaining the material. You will end up assimilating only a fraction of the material— or worse, nothing.

You must have experienced how it feels when exam is in few hours and you have so much you materials left to cover. The feeling is always overwhelming and might destabilize or confuse you.

And, this is one of the reasons why students fail. Because you know you didn't cover the whole material though you are supposed to, your confidence level will drastically drop and your performance will be affected.

The simple and best fix is to start studying as early as possible. Break the study session into smaller blocks.

If you are a university student, instead of flexing all semester and studying when it's only a week to exam, you can study and flex all through the semester.

Dedicate a little amount of time to study each day. Doing this will help you keep learning into long term memory and will increase your confidence by exam period.

Bottom line: To get the best from your studies, do not give yourself too much time or too little time. Too much time will make you procrastinate and waste time on irrelevants. Too little time will make you too worried on finishing up with the reading that you may end up gaining so little or end up confusing the prior knowledge you've had before the reading.

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