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"10,000 Naira for late payment" - If you are a Student, you need to see this Released Memo. (Photos)

Since the lockdown Life has not been the way it was, the lockdown lead to the Shutting down of Schools, tertiary Institutions, Banks, Airports Etc. This incident made so many persons to loose their Jobs, making Students to stay at home.

Since so many persons Might be facing so many Financial Challenges, it will be Empathetic if Most Institutions put in Place Measures that will Mitigate The suffering of this People Affected by this Lockdown.

Enugu State University of Science and Technology can be said to lack Empathy and sympathy for her students, the reason why i said this is because of the recent developments. This institutions rather than mitigating is aggravating the sufferings of her students what she did Will be seen by all as appalling.

This School is making her Passed Students to Come and collect their certificate at a rate which is seen by some of her students as Exorbitant. Not only that, those who don't meet up with the Deadline will have to pay Extra 10,000 Naira for late payment fee.

If you can recall this same institution Makes their Students Pay a fee, called Development Fee. The Medical Students pay 300,000 Naira.

The Law students Pay 250,000 Naira, Pharmacy Students pay 250,000. While the General students Pay 50, 000 Naira, if you can recall This fee is different from the School fee the students pay, which is 124,900 Naira per session. See the memo below.

Now coupled with all this financial Demands and with the recent one whom the students are complaining about, that means it can be said that this institution Lack sympathy towards the plyth of this students whom the pandemic had hit hard, leaving so many Jobless and in financial. Making the students take their certificate within a short time and failure to do so attracts a Late payment fee of 10,000 Naira is not fair at all on this students.

See a copy of a memo released by the school below.

The Government of Enugu state should introduce measures for the betterment of the students , they should call the Enugu State University of Science and Technology to order.

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