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Why Nigerian Population Is Not A Problem But Should Be Harnessed Toward Skill Acquisition Programs

Within the last few years, many Nigerians have changed their mind about Nigeria’s population. They no longer think we have too many people and need to control childbirths. They think we just have to find strategies to empower every citizen. Increase their productive potential such that they can add their quota to National development at various levels. Nigerians think we need to be more intentional about our population, educational structure, and pursuit.

What this is pointing to does not mean formal education alone but that is important. Every citizen should at least have primary education. Secondary and technical education for another group. We need more young people exiting the education wheel faster than we have it now. University degrees for probably fewer people. We need to find a way to change the psyche that looks down on anyone without a University degree. Then those without one need to convince people who have degrees with their competence, worth ethics, and character.

Too many people are doing master's programs just because they do not find jobs. A few years later they are stuck with postgraduate degrees they cannot be renumerated for or do not necessarily add to their career path or technical knowledge required. It is probably the reason during the famous recruitment, Dangote had so many master's holders applying for truck driving roles.

Nigeria needs technical education now than before. University education should no longer be the yardstick to mention our education but education can do to impact the lives of our people. The population is not our problem but the way we think and how we behave. If we can diversify our economy and sincerely engaged ourselves with our potentialities and the vast resources we have we can be better than China within the shortest possible time.

If anyone believes our population is our problem, what are we going to say about China, Indian, Brazil, Indonesia with a greater population than Nigeria, but they could find their feet in areas of technology, Education and science especially China and India. Nigeria should invest much in skill-driven education like Technical education and encourage every young people to imbibe it.

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