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If You Can Correct These Grammatical Errors You Are A Genius

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English language is considered to be one of the hardest languages on Earth because of its openness and inconsistency in grammar. Many words are added to the lexemes of the prestigious language to fit in into the modern environment.

However, the rules that bind the grammatical metamorphosis of the language can't change no matter the amount of lexicon being added. So, one must be aware of this process and pay attention to rules.

In 1990's when you say " birds of the same feather flock together" you are perfectly right but if you still think that is valid in today's English, you may need a "Brighter Grammar" to update your English knowledge. "Birds of a feather flock together" is the correct version presently, kindly not that.

This article is to awake your consciousness toward what you may be missing in English. Kindly note that the following sentences are not correct:

1. Every ladies in this class should put their hands up

Correct: every lady in this class should put her hand up

2. The radio set is spoiled

Correct: the radio set is broken

3. We shall discuss about it tomorrow

Correct: we shall discuss it tomorrow

Having said this, you are genius if you can correct the following sentences

1. She put on eye-glasses

2. Everyone of the students, excerpt you are I failed.

3. Majority of them are boys

4. English has twenty-six alphabets

5. I have a good news for you

6. This will result to a big loss

Share your knowledge below. I will come up with my Corrections but don't forget to click on like and follow so that you can see more article from me. Thanks for reading.

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