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If markets and churches are open then all schools must be opened too [my opinion]

The key to the survival of every nation is to know what to do and when best to do it.

The pandemic that has plagued the world on a very large scale has brought upon us unprecedented hardships. Mostly because of the lockdown measures that have been taken.

Markets, churches and schools were all shut down. Not to mention every other public place. The key reason being that social distancing cannot be practiced in these areas.

These key places that were shut down invariably represent three key areas at the core of Nigeria's growth as a nation. Markets represent the economy on every level. Churches represent our spirituality which unlike the western world we take very seriously. And schools represent the educational system also on every level.

Economy, spirituality and Education. So far, Mr president has done his best in rolling out phases for this lockdown to be totally lifted. Markets have been opened and churches too. Inter state movement has even been allowed to continue. Now the question all everyone's lips is why haven't schools resumed?

Needless to say that the age bracket in schools on every level are the ones who are most susceptible to the evils posed by the lack of anything to do. For months students have been at home, doing almost nothing. WAEC has even been cancelled to the dismay of eligible candidates.

One can understand what the Government is trying to prevent. Social distancing might be difficult to practice in schools but it is difficult not impossible. We can't keep allowing students to remain at home. It is both harmful to us as individuals and collectively as a nation.

As plans are being made, our Government should please make it a priority to see to it that necessary precautions are taken so schools can resume latest by September.

If our economy and spirituality have been permitted to continue, why not our education?

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