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OPINION: Why Npower Recruitment Should be Stopped until Further Notice

Npower programme was founded with a view to eradicating the rate of unemployment among the Graduates from different different tertiary institution and to empower the uneducated youths through tech skills training. It is also on mission to move people from poverty to the middle class.

It is so sad that many applicants have secured good jobs but still decided to register for the programme with the aim of getting the monthly salary without performing their primary assignment after gotten the job. In this case, these type of people reduce the limited available space for the Graduates who have no job at all.

Furthermore, majority of the beneficiaries of the programme are not taking their assignment serious. Most of them go to work at their own convenient time.

Finally, I suggest Npower Recruitments should be stopped until further notice. The people in charge should find solutions to the aforementioned problems before recruiting another set of Graduates for the programme otherwise, the aims and objectives of establishing the programme will not be achieved.

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