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Markets Have Resumed Their Activities so Schools Should Also Reopen Before 27th July, 2020(Opinion).

Corona virus outbreak has brought a lot of human activities to a halt. This affected all areas and works of life. In a bid to save and preserve lives we have been bent to follow some preventive measures and guidelines. A good step by the various governments of the world including the Nigerian government. Now that situations have improved, church and market activities have stated again even though gradually, school activities should also begin.

I acknowledge the efforts that the government is exerting to combat and contain this situation but since other areas are now functioning bit by bit, the educational sector should not be left out. This is because, the pupils and students who are not in school might be sent by their parents and guardians to the markets to sell one item or the other and this even increases their risk of being exposed to the virus. We all know that the number of people in the market is by far greater than the number of people found in schools and colleges.

If schools resume, some universities can embark on researches to find a cure and a way out of this world pandemic. Schools need to resume with relations to the fact that the carefree pupils and students might have forgotten a lot and the school teachers might be having a load more of jobs to do the more school resumption dates extends.

We need to match up with the rest of the world. Even with this pandemic some countries still participate in e- learning and we are mostly not participating in e- learning. It might set us backward academically when compared with the rest of the world. Schools need to resume just as churches and markets as most students are tired of staying at home doing nothing and parents and guardians need to have some space to concentrate and work.

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