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Opinion: How To Pick The Right Course And Institution During Jamb Registration.

Knowing the right course to study, and the institution to study them, have always been a challenge to many Nigerian students seeking admission into the university, or any institution of study. Because they do not have enough information, many of them make wrong decisions which end up jeopardizing their chance of admission to study the right course at the right institution.

Before a student goes to pick the jamb form, it is pertinent that long before hand, the student has knowledge of the course he or she wants to study and the university, or institution of study that offers them.

Choosing a Course

To know the right course to study, and pick during Jamb Registration, the student must have had answers to the following questions;

(1) What are my talents (natural abilities)?

(2) What subjects do I have interest in and really good at?

(3) What contribution do I want to make in the society at large?

(4) What would l love to spend the rest of my life doing?

(5) What problems of human beings am I passionate about solving?

Choosing a course to study should not be a decision that your parents, relations or friends will have to make for you. You know yourself and what you can do, so don't let anyone decide the course you will study for you.

You do not need to choose a particular course because your friend(s) chooses that course.You don't need to follow and copy what the crowd is doing.

Study a course that is in alignment with your talent or natural abilities, a course that you have interest in, and whose subject combination- you are good at.

Study a course that can help you use to make good contributions to the society. Know that there are so many people who study some courses in the university because their parents, relations or friends want them to, though they have graduated, they still struggle to fit into their discipline, they become mediocre or followers in their own profession, and cannot create any thing new. I am sure you do not want to classified under these kind of people.

It is good to study a course that you can spend the rest of your life doing. And with it, you can solve some problems of humanity.

In conclusion, in choosing a course, interest should come first. Is it something you have interest in, or you can spend the rest of your life doing?

Choosing an Institution

(picture used for illustrative example)

knowing the kind of institution to choose is very important. Is it the institution that offers the course you want to study? Is the course I want to study accredited by a relevant body in the Institution?

The location of the institution is very important. Which state is it? Which Country is it? Is it close or far away from home?

The cost of the institution should also be considered. What is their tuition fee? know if it is a private or Government own institution, because this also affects the cost.

Know if you stand a better chance of securing admission into that institution base on the quality of your O level result.

All these information should be gathered before going to the jamb centre to do your jamb registration. You can carry out research or ask questions from students who have attended that institution.

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