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How To Start A School With Low Capital.

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Education is very important for every facet of life. Every parent wants a quality education for their ward/Children. Some parents are willing to pay any amount to get the best for their children. That is the reason parents still enroll their children for after school lessons or private lessons. Some employ a private teacher to teach their wards.

Education is the process of impacting skills, knowledge and value judgement into an individual to bring about a desired change in the behaviour and attitude of the learner. Basic eduction should be given to all. A child should be able to read, write and count.

Setting up a school is one business that is very lucrative. What scares most people away is the capital to set it up. Some people want to start it up really big. But do not despise the days of little beginning. In Nigeria, almost every street have a school from small to big. Even inside churches, they incorporate education into their facilities. If it wasn't lucrative, you won't see many schools in many streets across the country.

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Here are some ways you can set up a school with low capital.

1. Get a Space: this is a very important factor in setting up a school. If you already have a space, that's OK, you can use that. If you have a personal compound and there's little space, you can start with that. If you don't have a space, rent a space without a structure on it (empty land). It won't be that expensive.

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2. Put a structure: if you don't have money to lay blocks, you can build a Batcher (wooden structure) on the space. Get a professional to make it well for you. It should be constructed like a hall, so you won't spend much on materials. You can choose to use PVC inside the rooms and outside to make it look more attractive. 

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3. Purchase Materials: The teaching aids is important like boards. You can start with wooden boards. Buy chalks, textbooks and writing materials.

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4. Start with a lesson: Before officially making it a school. Start with a lessons for different classes. You can get an extra hand for assistance. Give the students quality education and effective teaching. The inputs into the pupils will determine the output. If the child goes back home and is better than before, the parents will recommend your lessons to friends and colleagues. Little by little, you'll be gathering population. When you've gotten a certain number of students, you can write to their parents that you're turning the lessons to school. So many of them will patronise you.

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 With the above, you don't need to have one million naira to set up a school. As time goes on, and as God continues to bless you, you can expand. You can employ more teachers, you can change the structure.

When you start, charge less and give more. Be consistent, be committed and be determined. Let your mind be in what your doing. Be enthusiastic about the business.

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