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The 2020 WAEC Candidates Should Note This

It is now a reality that the current corona virus has continued to decimate human population with unprecedented spread and casualties in all fabric of human endeavors.

Universally accepted Covid-19 vaccine seems to elude the medical and social world and thus reinforcing the idea of lockdown by the government in Nigeria.

Despite the fact that the lockdown has been relaxed in business circles for economic reasons,same are not deemed to be extended to the religious and educational sectors.

There has been calls by the House of Representatives for the government to allow resumption of terminal classes , which include primary six, JSS3 and SSS3 students,to prepare for their respective examinations .The Honourable Minister of Education seems not to yield to the clarion calls.

Now, many terminal students are no longer studying because they see no cogent action taken towards reopening schools not to talk of writing their exams.

With the way things are going, it is either that the current WAEC candidates will miss this year WAEC examinations and higher institutions admission opportunity or the nation may eventually present ill prepared candidates.

Meanwhile, if you are a wise candidate, it is now you should double your rate of preparedness because of possible last minute consent of the Nigerian government for the students to go ahead to write the examinations. In that light, no excuse for failure will be entertained.

The effectiveness of the current online teachings have been mared by many obstacles such has power outages, poor internet services and lack of concrete teaching aids.

Finally, no doubt that the fate of our pupils and students is hanging in the balance for now.However is believed that the education authorities, the parents or guardians as well as other stakeholders will work out common grounds to ensuring that something meaningful is done on time.

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