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Student Caught Cheating With The Aid Of Facemask During Exam, See Her Punishment Below

Facemask is used for the prevention of Covid 19, but it seems to be wrongly used mostly by students as they use it to cheat during examination.

Some schools are actually having their exams presently and they were instructed to wear their facemask before entery. During today's exam, the invegilators was so upset due to the annoying noise in the hall because some students are actually communicating with one another with the aid of the facemask.

Unfortunately, a student of 200 level was caught cheating, she wrote down some things on her facemask indicating she was actually coping but she objected it despite there was a prove.

She was punished severely, she filled malpractice form and was expelled from school immediately. Her career was runied and terminated, so therefore, facemask should be prohibited till exams are over.

Conclusively, this should be a lesson to students and teachers to be very careful with the usage of face mask.

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