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Jambites: The Secrets of Combining O'Level and Jamb to Secure Admission Without Stress In Nigeria

Gaining admission into Federal and State universities in Nigeria comes with a lot of determinations, hard work, quality information and in some cases, connection.

I remember writing jamb almost four times before securing admission into a reputable Federal University in the country.

In the process of seeking for admission, I was able to figure out working strategies that helped me gain admission in to the university of my dreams, and I have helped a lot of people seeking admission get informed information on how they can secure admission easily in Nigeria without paying anyone a dime.

If you have someone that had promised you admission somewhere, you can stop reading this post now.

But if you are genuinely seeking for admission and you are solely trying to gain your admission on merit.

Well I am here to help you, and also reply any question you have concerning securing admission into federal, or state universities in Nigeria.

To gain admission into Federal University in Nigeria is straightforward, all you need to know is the dynamics, rules, and factors this universities put into consideration when seeking for admission.

I will write out some basic factors, and go on to breakdown this post into series because I won't be able to exhaust everything in this post.

These are some factors to consider!

O' Level or WAEC

O' Level basically means your secondary to school certification exam, it could be WASSCE, GCE, NECO, NABTEB or whatever result you would be using to gain admission.

The minimum requirement is to have 5 credit in your O'Level which includes Math and English.

This simply means that you must have at least a Credit (C) in these two subjects, irrespective of the course you want to study because Math and English are general and compulsory courses.

Then you will need at least, 3 other credits in other relevant subject to support your Math and English.

There is something called subject combination that should also be considered. The subjects you are combining must be relevant to your course of study.

For more information on this, you can get a Jamb Brochure.

In the case that you don, 't have 5 credits in one, sitting or your subject combination is not complete in one result, you can combine two O'Level result, but you will be needing at least a total of 6 credits in both results.

Awaiting Result!

Now, in a case you don't have an O'Level, but you wrote jamb, there is an option called awaiting result.

When using awaiting result, you can proceed to write your Jamb and post ume, but you will only get admission if your O Level comes before your clearance deadline, and you make the required subjects you need.


Nigeria's universities accepts 5 O Level credits for one sitting and minimum of 6 O'Level credits when combining two results.

From my observation, University of Ibadan have serious consideration for the grades you score in O'Level when considering to give admission.

If you have distinctions (A) or B's. You have a higher chance of gaining admission than someone that score just credits.

But this is not the case in other federal universities.


After your WAEC is resolved, the next stage is to pass your jamb.

But the challenge is many admission seekers usually make mistake at this stage.

Filling your Jamb form, selecting institutions, selecting your subjects, period of application, course of studies, etc also plays a vital role in the process of securing your admission.

Any mistake can jeopardize your chance of gaining admission.

What I notice is that, admission seekers don't do proper research before picking their higher institution when applying for jamb.

As a result, they begin to seek help when things get complicated in the process.

As a jambite, make sure you are always using this Jamb Brochure and the official university website you are applying for, to ensure you get adequate information that would make your application process easier.

Always make sure your names are the same across all your documents.

Your Surname, First Name and Middle name is the same in all your documents.

Your Birth Certificate, O Level, Jamb Result and every document must carry the same name to avoid forfeiting your admission in the future.

Back to jamb, for every course you are applying for, your university has a subject combination that is peculiar to them, some schools might prefer biology to agriculture in a particular course.

Some can interchange those course while some have specified the subjects they want for a department.

In other words, even though you pass jamb but your combinations are wrong, you might not be eligible for admission in that course.

I will continue in my next post to explain why How Your Jamb Score Can Affect your Admission Chance.

If you find this post useful, kindly share,, so that others can benefit from it.

And follow to get more educative, informative, entertaining content.

I will be looking forward, to answering any questions you have.

Content created and supplied by: Mc_Agabzy (via Opera News )

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