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Different Types of Roommates You Will Meet In Nigerian Universities or Colleges. (Memes).

My university days was one of my best days in life. Not because i love reading but because of the experience I had with people,especially my roommates. When you hear students or graduates saying "I miss schools life". What they meant is, the missed their friends, roommates and other fun is schools aside lectures.

Most students ain't opportune to rent house off campus or stay alone. Prior to that students end up staying together as roommates. From the experience I had with my roommates, I will say those that stay alone really missed alot. My roommates made my school life an interesting one. Each time I reminsce on the funny times I had with my roommate I can't help it but laugh. 

I was scrolling through my social media handle, and I came across these these hilarious memes on different types of roommates in nigerian universities and colleges. These memes really cracked me up, I decided to share them here. 


These types of roommates are prayers warriors. They are either holding a position in campus fellowship or the are aspiring to be a pastor.


This really cracked me up because I can relate to it. My roommates was an entrepreneur, she never give us breathing space with her products. Our room was always occupied with her customers.


This types of roommates are annoying but you have no choice to condole them.


This types of roommates are men folks. They always know how to get back at their male counterparts.


This is really funny but true, I believe every nigerian can relate to this meme.


This type of things happen between roommates that share their things together. This types of roommates live as one big family.



This types of roommates are like celebrities in the campus. Although they create some level of inconveniences for, but you will benefit from them alot.


This types of roommates always make you feel at home. They almost have all the equipment you use at home. But when the graduate, your room will look like a desert.

These memes really made me appreciate my roommates. I believe as a nigerian student, I can relate to one or two of these memes.

Image credits : Twitter @ Yanbaba

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