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What can you say to Our Final year Students.....?

One of the most affected ones in terms of academics in this pandemic are the Final Year Students. The pandemic has caused more harm than good. I said good in the sense that students has used this opportunity in reading up their books and getting ready for resume but the bad side of the pandemic to the final year students are numerous. That is why this article is written to help and encourage you not to be biased or discouraged over the present state of things.


1) Don't relent in reading your books and preparing for resumption because school might open anytime from now. Try as much as possible to cover series of past questions in other to equip you to face and tackle your exams squarely. Note that after resumption there will be no room for any form of test, you will be faced with exams.

2) For those that has a very poor Cgpa, see this pandemic as a favour, Why? Because you have enough time to read and prepare in other to boost your cgpa. Note that poor preparation begat poor results.

3)Try as much as possible to get a project topic and start working on it. Go through it and make it part of you in other to prepare for your defence because no Supervisor will take it lightly with you if you don't deliver well....

Pls your advice is needed in other to encourage our Students.

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