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How I Almost Dropped Out Of School But Opera News Saved Me

Opera News Hub Being a writing platform that has opened ways for Bloggers in Nigeria and other countries to showcase their writing skills and also get paid from it, has saved a lot of lives.

In this article, I will be telling you about how Opera News helped me to pay my school fees when I was at the verge of dropping out from school.

Note: the photos in this article are used for illustrative purposes. 

I am a student of the Prestigious University of Uyo, Nigeria. And I have always been serious with my studies even though I am working with Opera News.

How Opera News saved me from dropping out.

Whenever I think of what I passed through, I give all the glory to God and Opera News for saving me. It all started from when I used my school fees given to me to invest in a platform where I was expecting to be paid in return withing a month. Sadly, the month ran out and the platform crashed. That was where my problem started. Just when the platform crashed, the next week was actually the week of portal closure. If you are a University student or you have been in the University before you will definitely understand what I mean.

In my school, there is always a dateline for everyone to pay their fees and if you don't meet the dateline, automatically you won't be a student anymore. 

I would have dropped out but I was lucky that the dateline was shifted to the next month and before then, I had already registered for Opera News and started writing. Luckily for me, Opera payment date is between 10th to 15th of the month and the new portal closure date was on the 20th of that month. 

As a good Opera News writer that I am, I could gather up to twenty-five thousand Naira (N25,000) on that month which also happened to be my first month in Opera News Hub. My school fees of that semester was 24,750 naira, which I got the complete payment from Opera News. 

This was how I was saved from dropping out from school, and thanks to Opera News platform for coming through for me.

Where would have I been now if not for Opera News. Maybe I would have been a school dropout but thanks to God for giving me the Knowledge and thanks to Opera for saving me.

Ever since then, I have been publishing articles with Opera and I don't think of leaving any soon.

Do you have anything to say about my story? Please kindly leave your comment below and follow this blog for more of my articles. Thanks for reading.

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