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Major Differences Between Education And Wisdom

These two are often interchanged, but there is a clear difference between them. Education is defined as the process of acquiring the knowledge needed to perform certain tasks or improve one's general knowledge. Wisdom on the other hand, is defined as knowing or having special wisdom or knowledge that can be applied in specific situations.

Knowledge and wisdom are not the same thing though. Education allows people to learn and make changes so that they can better their lives and their situation in life. On the other hand, wisdom lets people know the appropriate things to do and not do in certain circumstances. What is the difference between Wisdom and Education? In the classroom, education is more geared towards teaching, while wisdom is geared towards living. There are many other forms of learning but they all involve some form of wisdom or knowledge that can be applied.

Education is all about making the classroom suitable for all students. This means that each student's abilities, knowledge, skills and talents should be properly evaluated to ensure that everybody is given the opportunity to use them appropriately. What is the difference between wisdom and education then? The curriculum must be made more flexible for everyone's abilities. This way, every one will have a fair chance to use their abilities and knowledge in order to be successful in life.

Wisdom also encompasses experience. It is through experience that we acquire knowledge and we know things for ourselves. What is the difference between education and wisdom then? Experience teaches us the best way to do something, and it also makes us realize how important our actions are.

Experience also comes with time. Education takes time, but not necessarily at the hands of teachers or professors. Education comes from trial and error. We get to know things for ourselves and therefore we are able to make better decisions and even perfect the imperfections in our knowledge. Is there really any other way to get wisdom?

We get all this from education. In a way, education is just a simple matter of repeat. The simple act of repeating a message over again would probably make us realize what we have learned is true after all.

But then, what is the difference between education and wisdom? The truth is that wisdom comes from experience, and education comes from repetition. Maybe the problem is not too much education, or too much repetition. Perhaps, it is a little bit of both. In any case, education lessons should be accompanied by wisdom from the experiences of others.

Hope you have learnt something new today?

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