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Check out these funny reactions from Nigerians who have gone abroad

Going abroad has always been the dream of most Nigerians. It isn't just a myth that life abroad is so different from what we have here. From the way they dress and speak to the way they react to certain issues. This articles will show you different ways Nigerians were surprised at the behaviours of the white people.Thiis is somewhat hilarious, because down here in Nigeria, even legally married couples would normally get a weird look if they engaged in PDA( public display of affection), not to talk of teenage who do it. People will help your parents to thrash you and when your folks get to hear of it, they will thrash you too. So it's a no no here.i too will like to feel like this because here, the lecturer is always right,never wrong. And if you try to correct them, you can say welcome to a carry over.Here we don't always have employers who are grateful and appreciative. They somehow Don't know that without you the employees, there would be no them, or the business. They always think they are doing you a favor but the other way round you are also doing them a favor. Getting people to work for you, is not always as easy as it seems. Honestly this came as a shocker to me too lol if it were me I would say, not rushing to put my phone to charge once they bring the we are very skeptical about what we say about ourselves. I even have a friend who doesn't like telling me when she travels home after the semester.In Nigeria, just start making plans to buy a new one. Lol, yes we are used to staying months without electricity.Tea? Wow. People who do not eat at your wedding will hold a grudge with you for ages, not to talk of serving only tea.

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