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Top 7 Hints To passing JAMB examination

Jamb examination has often time being the most dreaded exam whereas it isn't supposed to be.

Jamb examination is a very important examination for everyone who has the dream and ambition of studying in a Nigerian university so it is very important for you to prepare and pass it well.

The key to passing and clearing jamb exam is not a killing yet time taking session.

So here are some keys in clearing and passing jamb examination once.

1. Read ahead of time:

Often time do I hear a lot of jamb aspirants say they have a retentive memory so they'll read a week towards jamb examination. But I say this idea is not very realistic because jamb syllabus is a very broad syllabus so you have to dedicate time in preparing for it . side jamb exam reading far before an exam makes what you've read part of you and gives less room for forgetfulness but if you rely on cramming you surely might miss some important keys which will definitely delete the whole text from your head.

2. Set a goal:

Goals are often energy drivers. They tend to keep us going even when we are down. So when you're ready to pick start your practice make sure you set a goal for yourself as this tends to make you burn the last candle just to make sure you fufil the dream.

3. Get a wide variety of jamb syllabus supported textbooks relating to your jamb subject:

There's a difference between you reading a normal biology textbook and you reading a jamb syllabus biology textbook. A textbook that includes jamb syllabus tends to go deeper and cover almost all aspects of questions jamb will set. so in preparation for the exam it surely will do a lot of good if you can get a jamb syllabus supported textbook.

4. Avoid fear:

You surely can't achieve what you're Afraid to do. So don't panic try to be calm And world very hard in preparing for the exam. While fidgeting it's possible that you even forget what you already know so try maintaining a calm head. Besides, the exam is not even as difficult as it is speculated to be. A lot of people often have above 200 yearly so why do you think you can't achieve that feat. Give yourself the winning spirit.

5. Join serious jamb preparatory aspirant WhatsApp group:

There's nothing as blissful as being in the group of similar minded people. Ideas will be shared. Wrongs will be corrected. Goals And confidence will be planted into each other. Besides those topics that you have issues with while studying All alone you have the opportunity to share it with others who might have better ideas About it.

6. Tutorials not mandatory but helpful:

It Is often good to get a professional take you through anything you intend to do in life. As the professional will be the one to guide and instruct you on how to go about it. So when it comes to writing jamb exams, it is often very good to attend tutorials as you'll be taught by people who are seasoned in jamb syllabus And style and their disclosure of ideas and hints might be all you need in conquering the exam. Though this is not often mandatory as there Are some people who prefer learning on their own to being under another person or maybe you don't have money but you definitely won't be wrong if you follow this key.

7. The place of prayer cannot be replaced:

When it comes to jamb examination, luck often come to play as sometimes you will begin to wonder on how a person you're better than score higher than you in the examination. Jamb examination is not the same for every candidates so it is possible that some people questions is quite simpler than yours. So after that rigorous reading also pray to God to direct and give you luck and success.

Things to do in preparation for the examination

1. Study jamb brochure:

The jamb brochure tells you the subjects you should put in for the course you intend to study. Many times a lot of people lose their admission not because they aren't qualified but because of wrong subject combination so try to get the right combination for your course so you won't be caught in the web.

2. Join jamb aspirants groups and follow educational TV's for latest news and updates.

3. Give room for reading

4. Go And get your nin before the exam commences

5. Be sure of the details you intend to give jamb before finally submitting it so you won't be wasting your money and time doing correction of data

6. Read more about your desired university or polytechnic and check their requirements

7. Check how to calculate aggregate cjt off mark in your desired university.

Thanks for reading kindly drop your comments below and don't forget to like this post And follow me for more juicy jamb updates . Philomathic psalm 💯.

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