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See Beautiful Graduate Who Fries Garri For A Living

 There is no doubt that the high rate of unemployment has forced many people to look for other sources of income, as one cannot bear to live in hunger and suffering. Most young ladies tend to go into prostitution as a means of survival, because they believe that there is more money is that kind of business.

 But going through Facebook today, i came across a inspiring picture of a young woman who fry's garri for a living. After graduating from the university with no legal employment and barely looking at this lady, you will see that she looks so beautiful and smart.

According to the legit news website Facebook post, it was revealed that this young lady studied mass communication at the Caritas University of Enugu. And out of lack of job and need to survive, she decided to go into farming and production of local goods.

  Kindly take a look at the pictures and tell me what you think about them. 

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