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The Differences between Technical Colleges And Secondary Schools

Glaringly, secondary schools and technical colleges have some similarities and dissimilarities. They are both very important to the educational system in this country.

This article looks deeply into some of the peculiarities of each of the schools. Their common attributes shall be discussed. Their similarities first.

1. They are both awarders of O-level certificates. Though the schools write different O-level examinations. NABTEB belongs to the technical colleges while WAEC and NECO are for secondary schools.

2. They are both intermediate to the tertiary institutions. Both technical colleges and secondary schools produce students or candidates for tertiary institutions. They feed the tertiary institutions with their products.

Nevertheless, the programmes and practices of the Technical Colleges are obviously different from Secondary Schools'. Let's critically examine their dissimilarities.

Technical colleges are trades, vocations or entrepreneur oriented. Their courses are practicals not theoretical like that of the secondary schools.

While the secondary schools prepare the theoretical foundation for higher institutions, the technical colleges solidify the foundation for trades and engineering.

The technical colleges are meant to produce junior technicians. A technical school leaver is expected to have been equiped with one vocational skill or the other.

Below are few of the compulsory trade subjects which are taught in technical colleges.

Garment Making, Electrical Installation, Block Laying, Leather Works, Tie and Bleaching, Plumbing and Pipe Fitting, Wood Work, Applied Electricity, Carpentry, Auto-mechanics, Hair dressing, Cosmetism etc.

It is a must that a technical student chooses at least one trade subject. The trade subjects are their primary targets.

If a pursuant of an engineering course goes through a technical college, he/she must be intelligently different. Of a fact, the secondary schools as well dealt with some practicals but not as deep as that of the technical colleges.

I appreciate your time. Please, feel free to send in your opinion and reaction through the comment section.

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