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Students will Never forget 2020 for a very long time.

 2020 started well, before the Covid19 pandemic outbreak, no one expected this year to turn out the way it did. The worse part of it is that this Covid19 pandemic affected the whole world, unlike other epidemic in the past, like Ebola and Laser fever, that affected only some counties. This pandemic came like a thief in the night, unexpectedly and with full force. Causing a halt in the academic system of all countries around the world.

 A lot of students all over the world won't forget this year 2020, but let's focus on Nigeria school system. The most affected students are the Final year students, and the SS3 students, who are supposed to write there final exams and WAEC examination respectively. It's no joke that a student after spending 4 or 5 years in school will not be allowed to write his/her final exam and graduate due to the pandemic outbreak.

 WAEC examination was also stopped because of this pandemic outbreak, making it impossible for the current SS3 students around the country to take there Examination. It's no one's fault because with the way this pandemic grows daily it will be unwise to resume any school at the moment. Although some school have resorted to online classes so that there students will still keep on learning from home, many schools don't have the facilities to do that. So the buck of students are sitted at home, praying that this pandemic end soon.

  Looking at the brighter side, this compulsory holiday as many would call it, can be of help to some parents whose children are in SS3 and are yet to pay for there WAEC examination fee. They still have time to look for the money, because if this was a normal year, WAEC examination would have ended long time ago. Also some students have started working, so as to make some money to take back to school when school eventually reopens. Some students don't know where there books are again, most of them don't even read. You will expect that the holiday will enable them to read very well, but that is not the case.

The holiday is just too long, we can only pray that God almighty will end this Covid 19 pandemic for all of us.

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