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Three Mistakes You Should Avoid For Good Academic Performance

Most of the people who performed badly academically are not a result of poor brains but because of some of the mistakes made by them. The only thing I keep repeating concerning an issue like this is that; "everything has a solution", you don't need to worry yourself too much when facing this kind of challenge, all you should do is trying to figure out the mistake or the problems that lead to your bad academic performance.

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Below are the 3 mistakes you should avoid for good academic performance:

1. Fear

Some people are very intelligent but out of fear, they are dull in performance. Put away fear.

2. Lack of prayer

We need God in all our activities including school. You should be prayerful so that God will help you to perform well academically. Pray to your heavenly Father before writing an exam, and test, tell him to take control.

3. Inability to read your books

If you must perform well, then you must study your books. No one is born with two heads, read your book and be serious with your study.

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