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Legend Of The Headless School Girl Who plaited Her hair by Herself (Folklore)

Legend Of The Headless School

Today is a day of folklores and I will be taking you down memory lane with a lot of folklores. The story of this folklore is commonly told in Nigerian boarding schools, now take note that in most Nigerian schools, girls must have their hair in plaitrd in cornrows. We heard a lot of this tales from our parents or seniors and these beliefs has stuck long with us that we do not know if these are true stories or not. 

Anyway the story goes like this;

This happened in a particular school that the tale refused to say. Not exactly a ghost, but it is believed that there was this schoolgirl who a always had the finest, most beautifully made and neatest hair.In this very school, her hair was always made new every day and she became known as the girl with the neatest hair. However, when asked who made her hair, the girl would reply and say it was a very shy and quiet friend of hers who was do shy to talk to people. When she was asked to show the people who this girlfriend of hers was, she vehemently refused saying the friend will be angry with her.

Well it got to a point thatpeople got tired of asking and dropped the subject. Nobody bothered to know who made her hair again Until one night, one of her roommates woke up in the middle of the night to go and ease herself and saw the girl carrying her head on her laps and plaiting it. The student let out a scream and collapsed. When she was revived and asked what happened, she recounted what she had seen in the night. The tale continued that ,that was the end of that girl in school then. No one ever saw her again or knew what happened to her. And when they tried to trace her , there was no records about her background. That was how the girl disappeared from the school and was never seen again.

As boarders we believed these stories, but what we never found out was if these really happened or no? Did you hear this story and what does your own version say? Share with us below.

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