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Don't Say, I'm Hearing You, It's Wrong. Check Out The Right Thing To Say.

Every day people make grammatical blunders, even people that are said to be educated. I guess this is out of ignorance. But in this article I'm going to make this particular wrong grammar known to you and the correct way of saying it.

The way you speak determines the way people rate you in terms of education. When you are a graduate and you speak with flaws, people will begin to doubt if you have been to four walls of a university classroom. Let us add sweetness to our use of English. Therefore, study English language and have a command over it.

Most often people say, "I'm hearing you" this is very wrong. It is what we call murdering of English language.

Let us see while it is wrong and the right way to say it.

Hearing is an adjective and can be a noun depending on the way it's used. If you say, I'm hearing you, it means you are describing yourself. It has nothing to do with whoever was talking to you. If Hearing was an verb it would have worked perfectly with, I'm hearing you.

The right thing to say is, I can hear you. Because hear is an action word. A verb. Hearing is often rightly used as a legal procedure before a judge.

I'm sure this will help, let us be right with our use of English as it often beautifies our speech either for an interview or any public presentation.

If this helps, leave your comments on this in the comments box. Follow me for more interesting articles.

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