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"Too Bad!" See What These High School Students Did To Their Female Teacher In the Staff Room

The rate at which the educational system is deteriorating is very alarming, to think high school students can bully and maltreat a teacher is very condemnable. Teachers are like gods and therefore should be treated with utmost humility and respect. However, students of nowadays see their teachers like piece of trash and therefore treat them as such.

A video is currently trending on twitter about some school students in Southern Chicago, bullying their teacher by making jest of her, calling her names, and some went as far as threatening her. Despite being provoked so immensely by this students, the teacher kept her cool and didn't even utter a single word.

Many have come to praise the woman's ability to stay calm in such scenario and subsequently call on the school authority to punish the students responsible for their silly act and as well promote the teacher for her ability to employ wisdom in such a tense moment. Things like this happen in the Nigerian schools especially in the private institutions, it's high time the ministry of education enacted laws that would put an end to teacher-bullying.

You can watch the demeaning video in the provided link:

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Nigerian Southern Chicago Too Bad


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