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Nigerian Universities Won’t resume Even if Federal Government Reopens Schools – ASUU

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The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has clarified that Nigerian universities may not be reopened even if the federal government decrees the resumption of all schools in middle of the pandemic.

The president of the coalition, Biodun Ogunyemi, in a telephone talk with News men on Sunday, also analyzed his responsibility on the announcements that the coalition instructed the government not to reopen universities until 2021.

The government on March 19 authorized all the closure of all universities, secondary and primary schools in the nationa over the outburst of the harmful plague in the region.

According to information gathered,A few days after the government’s command, ASUU began an endless strike, which is still on.

The union began strike over the federal government’s judgment to suppress the salaries of its members who disobeyed the rule of government to enrol in the Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (IPPIS).

At the Extent, the federal government has now published an approach for resumption duration for final year students in primary and secondary schools, nothing has been said about tertiary institutions.

Mr Ogunyemi while talking with news men announced that, “First, we did not say schools should not be reopened until 2021. We just warned that schools be reopened anytime it is supposed safe for our children.”

“They have highlighted approaches and ailments for academy resumption, they must now oversee and guarantee that those ailments are met. Farther developing an agreement, they must see to its commission. So, we are saying it is not just a matter of laying things on papers but commission from primary schools to tertiary institutions”.

Narrating further, Mr Ogunyemi announced that, even if the government finally reopens schools, it has nothing to do with universities combatting with a series of difficulties.

“Talking of universities, it should be pointed out that the problems are beyond the world pandemic. There are important problems that will make universities reopening longer and difficult for now. We had long notified the government our stance and until they fulfill necessary situations, universities are not resuming even after The pandemic ”.

“we have notable issues with the government, and government is not willing to fix our universities and provide encouraging learning environment. For example, we are speaking about revitalisation. if our institutions are well qualified, there is no reason why the pandemic should stop educational activities.

“You cannot speak about social distancing in universities without speaking about extra lecture halls. So, we have two problems postponing resumption. The health problems and the rejection of government to make our institutes standard,” said Ogunyemi

Mr Ogunyemi notified the government to spend as much attention to education as it is paying to health.

“Government should not pay interest to health area and neglect education area. If the could raise taskforce to look into coronavirus, they should do so to deal with the challenges of tuition area which include revitalisation funds for universities so that our institutions can be up to standard.”

In another aspect, the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) and some other students who talked with news men have affirmed their dissatisfaction over the long closure of Nigerian institutions.

In an announcement by its Zone D coordinator, who is Kowe Amos, NANS anounced that the rejection of authorities to take aggressive steps shows a “lack of political will linked to years of unseriousness and recklessness on the part of our political office holders.”

Should the federal government eventually ask schools to resume, university administrators will comply, but Mr Ogunyemi’s justification indicates that the lecturers will not be resuming classes until ASUU’s interests are addressed.

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