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Children of the Nigerian elites have been graduating from overseas Universities.

 They have been sharing pictures of their project/thesis defense which was done via virtual sessions- Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and others. 

You see, it is very easy and really comfortable for the Nigerian government to ignore ASUU’s strike. Officials of the government don’t really have anything to lose if this strike will continue for a millennium! Their children are not in the system. If the system is under paralysis, they don’t care. 

Universities are not really generating any significant revenue for the government. If it was a strike that involves the oil sector, which is Nigeria’s cash cow, then the government would have taken it seriously. The reason is not because of any patriotism but because if there is strike in the oil sector, then “money circulation in Abuja” will be affected. This means from Sai Baba’s executive arm of the government, to Ahmad Lawan’s legislative arm and Ibrahim Tanko’s judiciary, big men might go broke if the strike persists. Since the universities can’t really affect “cash circulation in Abuja”, the government does not really care. 

ASUU should understand one thing: strikes will work if Nigeria has patriotic people as leaders. These patriots will be the ones whose children will be studying in the universities where ASUU is lecturing. In the absence of this, please don’t think this strike can force the government to do the right thing. The government doesn’t really feel like being punished. The greatest casualties of this strike are the students and the lecturers whose salaries are being withheld in this harsh economy. Abuja people are not really feeling any major impact because our universities are closed. 

Unfortunately when one talks this way, ASUU believes he is siding with the government. If I’m not lucky, under this very post I will end up being lectured on how ungrateful I’ve been to the union who fought to ensure that I have a cheap quality education in a public university. What one talks about ASUU Strike is completely different from the reaction he ends up getting. 

Las las, Nigeria will be 60 in the next 4 days. Can’t wait to read the false eulogies of how great this nation is. People in the diaspora usually write the best fictional Independence day messages.

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