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Forestry: A Discipline With Little Competition But With Great Prospects

In most universities, Medicine and Surgery and engineering are usually the most competitive programs. This makes it difficult for the average student to get admitted into the courses. Now ask yourself this question, “What will I do with my engineering degree if I don’t land a white collar job?” What many science students do not know is that there are some less demanded courses that have high prospects in Nigeria and the world today. One of such disciplines is the field of Forestry. Interestingly, the cut of mark of this program is usually low. Now, what are the prospects of a student that studies Forestry in the university?

First, he can easily get himself self-employed. One of the core components of the discipline is Silviculture which involves the tending of forest plants. With the knowledge of Silviculture, you will be able to raise seedlings of local and exotic timber species. With your seedlings, you will get the patronage of state governments. For example, many Northern states are already engaging in tree planting campaign to check desert encroachment. You will get their patronage.

Another component of Forestry is Horticulture which is the art of grooming ornamental plants. With your knowledge of this discipline, you can engage in landscaping. Imagine the millions of dollars you will earn when you land a landscaping contract of an estate. You may become seedlings of ornamental trees to other landscapers.

With your knowledge, you can even grow a small forest plantation and begin to harvest timber for sale within a short time. The price of timber is now high. Imagine, spending little or nothing to raise a tree and selling it to raise a fortune.

You can also easily engage in timber and lumber business. I have a number of friends that study forestry doing fine in this business. As a forester, you know more about wood than the road side timber merchants. For example, you can predict the yield of a standing tree by taking its measurements. This will earn you the patronage of timber utilization companies.

The beautiful thing about the discipline is that you can still earn money on the side even if you have a white collar job. Instead of wasting years seeking admission into engineering or medicine, why not delve into a field that can earn you a living whether or not you get a white collar job.

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