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All Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Schools in Nigeria Should Resume as Soon as Possible [OPINION]

In my opinion, I think all schools should try its best to resume as soon as possible because of the following three reasons;

First and foremost, so many students find it hard to study while they are at home. At home, the competition is quite low so there is little or no motivation especially students in the tertiary institution.

The proposed online teaching platform is only working for some few private schools as many other schools don't have the capacity to facilitate this. Many students spend much time on social media more than they usually do while some play almost throughout the day.

Secondly, Education is as important as every other sector in Nigeria and should not be treated differently. Everyone knows that this pandemic has dealt a huge blow on our Economy and Education is a major contributor to the Economy.

Some people especially private school owners are out of business for a long time. Most of them can't pay their teachers and staff because of inadequate funds. These private teachers seemed to be left behind and most of them have eaten deep into their savings while others are owing a lot of money just to make ends meet.

Lastly, the government should not worry too much about the disease spread in schools because it is one of the reasons there are schools in the first place. Schools are all about discipline. Our primary, secondary and tertiary institutions have a way of maintaining code of conducts and there won't be an exception in this case.

Each class in primary schools have their own teachers and they should be in charge of making sure that every pupil in their class obeyed the guidelines by the WHO. In the secondary schools, the functionaries will help the teachers achieve the same while the Student union government and the various class reps will ensure these guidelines are obeyed in the tertiary institutions.

With these, I think that all schools in Nigeria should resume as soon as possible.

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